Tree Root Removal Las Vegas, NV

Are tree roots intruding into your homes pipes and plumbing system? Are you in need of tree root removal in Las Vegas? MC Plumbing provides fast & affordable tree root removal service 7 days a week! Not only can we rid your plumbing system of troublesome tree roots, we can repair pipes that may have been damaged as a result! One of the most overlooked cause for a clogged or blocked drain line is intruding tree roots underground.

Why do tree roots grow into pipes?

Many homeowners will find it hard to believe that despite all of the unsightly items that flow through your sewer lines, tree roots are naturally drawn to them! Typically tree roots grow into pipes that have already started leaking either due a crack in the pipe or a loose joint. Once a tree’s roots have latched onto this new life-source they will continue to grow until they’ve filled up the entire pipe! The roots then act as a net, blocking anything you send down the line. The inevitable clog will slow your system down, can cause back ups of black water into your home, and provide all sorts of headaches. If left unresolved long enough, they can even cause excessive pressure build up resulting in the complete collapse of sewer pipes, costing $1,000’s in damage!

If you are unsure whether you have tree roots in your pipes that require tree root removal in Las Vegas, or simply clogged drains due to waste build-up, you can view signs of a cracked or leaking sewer line here & find details on our drain cleaning service here.

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