Experience the Amazing Lights of Illuminarium Las Vegas

Illuminarium Las Vegas is an outdoor attraction that provides an incredible sensory experience for those seeking to escape the busyness of the Strip for a time. The appeal is filled with an array of multi-colored, carefully lit LED walls, computerized light shows, and interactive palms that emulate the feeling of standing beneath the stars. See more here.

Experience the heart-pumping thrills with extreme LED visuals at Illumination. The LED walls are programmed to act in response to music and movement. Guests can watch in amazement as the lights pulse, swirl, and otherwise change in response to the sounds and training in the room. Whether dancing to the music or standing among the lights, guests will be amazed. Read about A Whimsical Adventure Through the Magical Forest and HallOVeen at Opportunity Village In Las Vegas here.

In addition to the LED walls, Illuminarium Las Vegas also houses a variety of other sensory experiences. Guests can expect to hear groovy tunes ranging from deep house and funk to electro, hip-hop and more. Live performances by some of the best DJs in the world make this attraction genuinely unique.

For a more relaxed experience, Illuminarium offers an array of comfortable cabanas. These private spaces are ideal for couples, families, and large groups looking to spend a night among the lights of Illuminarium Las Vegas. The cabanas come with a personal attendant, food and drinks, and a choice of blankets, pillows, and throws to make your evening as comfortable as possible.

Illuminarium Las Vegas also offers unique attractions for children. From puppet shows and aerial performers to face painting and craft workshops, kids of all ages will find plenty to keep them entertained and stimulated.

Illuminarium is open nightly from 8pm until late. Admission to the attraction is free, but access to the cabanas and other private spaces is on a first booked first served basis and is subject to an additional fee.

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