A Whimsical Adventure Through the Magical Forest and HallOVeen at Opportunity Village In Las Vegas

Since its opening in 1954, Opportunity village – sometimes known as the “Elfin Village” – has been a home-away-from-home for those with intellectual disabilities in Las Vegas. They host a whimsical Halloween celebration and a magical adventure through their creative forest each year. From decorations, activities, and costumed characters, the tall trees and small creatures at the Elfin Village turn the time of year into something to always look forward to. More can be found here.

Unusual, unexpected, and delightful surprises wait around every corner of Opportunity Village’s forest. Every new sight is an adventure and a marvel of inspired ingenuity as it transforms from a playground during the morning to a wondrous world of trapeze artists, magicians, storytellers, and talented performers. The elves, fairies, and other little creatures that inhabit the village reflect the culture, ingenuity, and creativity of those who live there. Click here to read about Experience the Uniqueness of AREA15 Las Vegas.

The village itself is filled with opportunities for joyful experiences. For example, in the first area of the forest, guests can find a “Trick or Treat Trail” complete with a searchable “spooky graveyard.” In one corner of the forest is a “Candy Cannon,” a giant suspended gun that shoots candy into the air. Folktales and games, including costumed characters, are shared throughout the forest. 

The Halloween area is bursting with color, lights, smells, and sounds, but the real draw arrives in the form of a changing array of special events, performances, and attractions, including a carnival, pumpkin patch, a haunted mansion, and a corn maze.

There are rides a plenty that mesmerizes children of all ages. Every ride is a trip up memory lane, from the giant spinning fabric spiders to the hand-carved wooden carousel horses.

When visitors are ready for a sweet take-home treat, visit the bake shop. Here, one can find freshly made cupcakes, cookies, popcorn, and cotton candy that resembles the same pleasures of yesteryear found at a gourmet bake shop.

The Halloween celebration at Opportunity Village allows guests to play and explore in a safe, fun, and wholesome location. Various activities like Bungee jumping, scavenger hunting, costume contests, live music, and carnival games, coupled with the opportunity to meet with the Elfin Village’s regular residents, create the perfect atmosphere.

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