Water Softener Installation Las Vegas

It is estimated that roughly 80 percent of Las Vegas residents use untreated hard water in their homes. Hard water can be defined as any water that contains high or excess levels of mineral ions. Calcium, magnesium, iron, manganese, and even aluminum are amongst the most commonly found minerals in the US water supply. Even though Las Vegas water is treated to ensure it is safe for human consumption, that doesn’t mean that it is necessarily safe for your homes plumbing system. A water softener is a device that works by removing excess minerals from water, cleaning up the supply and providing water that is far superior than the current city water that flows form the taps. To schedule a free estimate for your water softener installation in Las Vegas, Henderson, or North Las Vegas, give MC Plumbing a call today at (702) 341-5719

Negative Effects of Hard Water

One of the first negative effects to consider when dealing with hard water is that it does not mix well with soap solutions. Instead of mixing and interacting with soap and the fatty acids contained within it, hard water creates layers of scum that can wreak havoc on washing machines, hair, skin, clothes, nails, and drainage systems.

Aside from your clothing, hair, nails, and skin, there is another costly issue caused by hard water deposits known as “scales”. Scales refers to calcium and magnesium derivatives that build up inside pipes and restrict the ability of water stream to flow throughout pipes. Inadequate water flow is not only frustrating, but also detrimental as it deteriorates plumbing systems causing the need for repiping, a quite costly plumbing repair.

Benefits of Installing a Water Softener

Water softeners work by effectively solving your homes hard water issues. They do this by eliminating minerals that are present thus taking away the harshness of the water. From the benefits you will feel on your hair and skin, to the visible difference you will notice on pots & pans, a water softener carries many benefits. Perhaps the greatest benefit of all however, will not be directly visible to you. Removing these harsh minerals from your water supply will also prolong the life of the pipes in your homes plumbing system.

Water Softener Benefits Recap:

    • Noticeable difference in hair and nails
    • Avoidance of limescale build up in kitchen appliances
    • Cleaner tasting drinking water
    • Prolonged plumbing system lifespan

If you are considering having a water softener installed in your Las Vegas home, give MC Plumbing a call today. We provide fast & affordable water softener installation in Las Vegas Nevada.

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